The main goal of the association is to offer all-round support for young gifted classical musicians in their journey to the musical Olympus and to provide high quality and unforgettable musical experiences to the largest circle of classical music lovers in the Czech Republic.  


To achieve this goal, the association is working in the following areas:

  • Music: organizing concerts, festivals, international competitions
  • Other artistic areas: organizing exhibitions, theater and dance performances
  • Publishing activities: production and publishing of audio and video recordings, video clips, live concerts and performances, publishing of professional literature, educational and other professional materials
  • Charitable activities: organizing charity and benefit concerts, educational and other concerts for children and youth, music meetings for seniors
  • Education of young artists: organizing summer and year-round music courses, professional workshops, symposia, conferences, lectures. Encouraging young musicians meeting renowned concert masters and artists within the Czech Republic, the EU and the world
  • Collaboration with state and private collections of musical instruments for the benefit of young talents: mediation of lending of musical instruments for concerts, competitions and more ...
  • Participation in international cultural events: support for the interconnection of different music cultures and projects, organization and participation in various multicultural events within the EU and worldwide
  • Promotion and presentation of Czech culture within the EU and other parts of the world
  • Musical awareness: promoting the enhancement of musical awareness, musical education and relationship to music thanks to a wide range of active performers as well as listeners and the general public throughout the Czech Republic, the EU and the world