We are people who have their own civic professions, and in our lives are engaged in a variety of activities. Some of us are active professional musicians who, as soloists or alongside major musical ensembles, perform concerts around the world, teach music, or educate themselves, record CDs, make music, and more.

The important thing is that all of us love music. What is important is that all of us combine the love of music. And music was the element which brought us to founding a non-profit organization "Olympus Musicus" z.s . Let us introduce ourselves:


Markéta Fraňková – Director of Olympus Musicus z.s.

Roman Fedčuk – Deputy Director, executive producer

Božena Englerová – Manager of individual projects

Milan Voříšek - coordinator, personal leadership of the festival

Adéla Hynesová – language services and interpreting

Šárka Pelikánová - communication with partners, accounting, taxes

Olga Gajdová - administrative activities, speaker

Lucie Vystrčilová - PR and communication with media, marketing

We all participate voluntarily on all activities for Olympus Musicus, in the context of our experience, professional orientation, free time and without entitlement to compensation. We are a well-coordinated team,  and we always deal with most of the association’s activities together so that the result is in line with our goal and philosophy. We also have several external collaborators who help us with the implementation of specific projects.